Concrete supply

We can supply ready-mixed concrete for all your building projects, no matter how big or small.

  • Concrete 15n for smaller domestic work
  • Concrete 20n for foundations and pathways
  • Concrete 25n for foundations and sub-floors
  • Concrete 30n for yards and heavy weight bearing of heavy vehicles
  • Concrete 35n for yards, shuttered walls and tanks
  • Concrete 40n for agricultural use
 Our team of professionals will consider various factors including the size, shape, colour and depth of the project to pour the concrete. By using concrete mixed to your requirements, you can achieve a durable surface finish and a sustainable solution

You can rely on us for:

  • Supply of ready-mixed concrete and screeds
  • Admixtures
  • Building aggregates
  • Fibremesh

Specialist concrete and building materials

Whatever your project needs, we can supply and deliver high-quality concrete supplies to help you get the job done. Our products are designed to improve water retention and workability. From building walls to installing roofs, we can provide you with materials that are of the highest standard.

Various sizes of concrete blocks and bricks

  • 440mm x 215mm x 100mm – 4″
  • 440mm x 215mm x 140mm – 6″
  • 440mm x 330mm x 100mm – 12″
  • 350mm x 300mm x 100mm short 12″
  • 215mm x 65mm x 100mm (bricks)
  • 440mm x 100mm x 100mm 4″ x 4″ soap bar
  • 440mm x 150mm x 100mm 6″ x 4″ soap bar

We have a great reputation for our strong concrete blocks. Contact us today for any enquiries.