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At Perry Concrete, we supply and deliver quality concrete products and
aggregates that are of the highest quality in Newry, Kilkeel and all across Co.Down.
We can supply ready-mixed
concrete for all your
building projects.
We supply various sizes of
concrete blocks and bricks.
Our aggregates can be used for
various applications including
landscaping and construction.
About Us
With many years of experience in the construction industry, you can be confident that we will provide you with an excellent service at a competitive price. We’ll supply you with high quality ready-mixed concrete, so that you can begin your project without any delay.

We have an excellent reputation for professionalism within the construction industry, so you can be confident that we’ll provide you with a good service at a competitive price.

Why choose us for your construction project?

Years of experience

Competitive prices

Family-run business

Helpful team

Delivery service

Excellent service

Collection service


For high-quality concrete products at
a competitive price, call Perry Concrete
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